At our clinic, you can benefit from the following services…

Personalized Assessment

When you first visit our clinic, we’ll have you complete a detailed medical history so we can start with a comprehensive understanding of your overall physical health. We’ll then conduct a diagnostic survey of your current condition and a review of your unique physical abilities and/or limitations. Finally, you’ll receive a highly personalized physical therapy assessment, specialized diagnosis, and plan-of-action. We’ll convey our insights and recommendations, and itemize recommended exercises for your recovery.

Clinic-Based Treatment Program

Our techniques include a range of exercises and techniques, which may include active or passive stretching, strengthening, massage, and gentle joint mobilization. We may apply therapeutic methods to promote your body’s recovery process, or follow a program of neuromuscular training, to address your body’s unconscious response to joint motions. We may also recommend core stabilization exercises, to better support your spine and pelvic regions. Each and every clinical session is focused on improving the strength, health and well-being of your entire body.

Home-Based Therapeutic Enhancement Program

You have the unique opportunity to extend the benefits of your clinic-based physical therapy sessions with a specialized program for your home. This program is crafted especially to match your goals and abilities, and will help you achieve your goals more quickly and effectively.

Unique Techniques and Methods

At Soma Physical Therapy and Rehab, we tap our years of experience working with clients at all stages of health and recovery. Your unique physical therapy plan will directly address your personal goals and physical challenges, and may include a combination of any of the following techniques:

Hands-On Therapy

We used gentle hands-on techniques to help facilitate movement and improve your body’s functionality and range of motion. Our approach is skilled and specific, and our work is determined by your clinical diagnosis. Your program may include any of the following:

      • Therapeutic Massage
      • Passive Stretching
      • Gentle Joint Mobilization
      • Positional Release
      • Muscle Energy Technique
      • PNF Stretching

Therapeutic Modalities

We apply therapeutic modalities to supplement your body’s natural healing and restoration processes. These external methods may include the use of machines, such as ultrasound or electrical muscular stimulation, or more basic approaches such as the application of cold-packs or taping. Here are some of the therapeutic modalities we may employ:

      • Ultrasound
      • Electrical Stimulation
      • Cold Pack
      • Hot Pack From a Hydrocollator
      • Muscle Re-Education Electrical Stimulation
      • Taping

Active Modalities

Your active training program at Soma Physical Therapy and Rehab will integrate a variety of stretching and strengthening methods designed to improve your body’s strength and mobility. Under our gentle guidance, you’ll improve your ability to negotiate life’s challenging terrain. This list includes our primary active modalities:

      • Balance Training
      • Postural Isometrics
      • Active Stretching
      • Cardio Training
      • Core Stabilization Activities
      • Multi-Joint Resisted Exercise
      • Strength Training
      • Agility Training
      • Eccentric Resisted Exercise
      • Functional Training
      • Body Weight Exercise
      • Plyometrics

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Your Licensed Physical Therapist

Your Soma PT and Rehab physical therapist will apply research and gentle, proven techniques to help you get back in motion. Your treatment may include hands-on therapy, neuromuscular training, and specific weight-bearing, balance, and mobility exercises. The goal of your treatment is to help improve or restore the mobility you need to move forward with your life.

In order to practice, your physical therapist must have a graduate or clinical doctoral degree in physical therapy, and to pass national and state licensure exams. Your Soma PT and Rehab physical therapist will have this plus other recognized credentials or accreditations, and a minimum of ten years’ experience in the field.

Physical therapy can sometimes provide an alternative to surgery or traditional orthopedic care. Alternatively, if you’re searching for treatment to supplement or replace pain medication, physical therapy can also sometimes be the answer. Your course of treatment will be based on the condition of your overall health, the status of your specific condition, and the recommendations of your other doctors.